The level is mainly used to test the straightness of various machine tools and other types of equipment guide rails and the horizontal position and vertical position of equipment installation.



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The scale value of the level gauge is expressed in angle (seconds) or slope, which means that the bubble is offset by the angle of one working tilt, or the height of the bubble offset by one working surface in one meter. Since the inclination angle of the level is very small, tg, such as tg4 4 radian = 0.02mm/1000mm, is used to make the working surface of the level close to the surface to be measured during measurement, and the reading can only be carried out after the bubble is stable. If you need to measure the actual tilt value of length L, you can calculate it by the following formula. Actual tilt value = nominal division value L deviation grid number; For example, if the nominal division value is 0.02 mm/m,L = 200mm, and the deviation grid number is 2, then
Actual tilt value = 0.02/1000*200*2=0.008mm. In order to avoid the measurement error caused by the zero position of the level meter, the zero position of the level meter must be checked or adjusted before use.
The zero position inspection and adjustment method of the level meter is to place the level meter to be calibrated on a roughly horizontal flat plate, close to the positioning block, read a1 at one end of the bubble after the bubble is stable, then rotate the level meter to 180 orientation, accurately place it at the original position, record the reading a2 at the other end of the bubble according to one side of the first reading, and half of the difference between the two readings is zero position error, I .e. =(a1-a2)/2 squares). If the zero error exceeds the range of the red license, the zero mechanism needs to be adjusted, as shown in Figure 1, and the requirements can be met by repeatedly adjusting the screw 1.


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